•  Marron

    Embroidery illustrator, artist

    Marron is a Tokyo based embroidery illustrator, who specializes in illustrations for children’s books and editorials. Her embroidery works are also characterized as illustrations rather than simple handcraft works, for the delicate hand embroidery approach she takes. Her proficient embroidery techniques such as the use of subtly distorted lines and three dimensional effects give a touch of warmth and liveliness to her unique pieces, and to those who come across them.

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    I can submit illustrations in data(jpeg, png, psd).

    It will take 2-10 Days for embroidery (within 21x30cm size.)


    For more works visit my Portfolio.

    For inquiries please e-mail me.

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    Available in coming exhibition (June, 2022)

    Until then feel free to e-mail me.


    You can check my works mainly on instagram.

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    Embroidery pattern

    In preparation